A Non-Profit for People in Recovery, Their Families and Allies

BWROC is an independent stand-alone   501(c)(3)  non-profit created to empower and engage recovering people, their families and community.

Our Key Priorities

  • To help people in recovery gain needed resources
  • To embrace all pathways to recovery
  • To innovate and provide services
  • To help end discrimination against people in or seeking recovery  

So Many Reasons to Reach Out

Every day, people recovery go without the help they need.

They go without education, without resources, without being spoken up for, without connecting with people around them, without caring for their health.

MI-REACH was created to help make those connections and to help people in recovery grasp a fuller, more fulfilling life.


My Michigan

We are a homespun grassroots organization . . . . . we stand to make it better for  ALL it's residents in recovery from alcohol and drug addiction and the people around them.


MI-REACH is a non-profit created to enhance and enlarge the lives of people in recovery and their families.


To educate the public, policy makers, service providers, and the media about the reality of recovery. 

To bring classes and workshops to people in recovery to help them become a greater asset to their families and community.


  Where are the people in recovery when we are making critical decisions concerning them?  Advocacy is aimed at ending the punishment and incarceration of people for their status as people with histories of addiction. These barriers make it much more difficult for people to get their lives back on track, get a job, obtain housing, and reunite with their families and friends 

 We  advocate by giving meaningful representation and voice for people in long-term addiction recovery and family members on issues that affect their lives 


By engaging and re-engaging with the community,  our members become better able to continue to grow in their recovery, helping days and months turn into years and decades.

When people in recovery again become active members of their communities, everyone benefits. MI-REACH helps them to do exactly that and more.


Because we believe in and support long-term recovery, we are interested in and supportive of individual wellness and "wellbriety"